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Parenting Concerns

Family dynamics are ever-evolving –

  • Blended families
  • Single parents
  • Step-parents
  • Grandparents are the main guardians
  • Adopted children
  • Step and half-siblings


Our children/teens deal with situations differently than adults do, and we need to remember this while working with them to maintain “their normal”, helping them through tough transitions. There are many unresolved conversations that should be kept out of earshot from your children/teens.


  • Visible conflicts, heated discussions, and legal talk
  • Financial discussions
  • New relationships (maintain a healthy dialogue about this situation and set boundaries)
  • Manipulative behaviors (using situations to make you the “fun” parent, etc.)


When children/teens are faced with drastic changes in their life, they handle it in many different ways. The biggest thing to understand as you are going through a change is to let your child/teen continue to be that child/teen. Don’t involve them in adult interactions and conversations. When introducing a new person into the dynamics wait until the dust settles and don’t be in a rush to make drastic changes. Please protect your children’s innocence and allow them to remain children (even if you are parenting teenagers). You don’t have to keep everything a secret or hide things from them, but make sure the conversations are at their level and you don’t over-share things they don’t need to know. Your children are smarter than you think and know more than you realize.


Understand that children/teens may show some forms of manipulative behaviors to gain control, such as pitting one parent against the other. Manipulative behavior is a learned behavior, our children watch and absorb everything around them, it is important to set boundaries and clear-cut rules that all parts of the family can live with and enforce.


At Cameron Pediatric Counseling, Inc we specialize in working with children from ages 5-21, we know how to help them learn to deal with a changing home life and family dynamic. We work with your child/teen and the rest of the family to help you get on the right path and develop the tools needed to navigate your new normal.


~ "We cannot expect to raise children who are calm and gentle if we are not.”

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19 S. Cameron Street, Winchester VA

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