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Self-Esteem Issues

  • acting independently
  • accepting responsibility
  • taking pride in their accomplishments
  • undertaking new tasks and challenges
  • handling positive and negative emotions well


Adolescents with low self-esteem will tend to avoid situations that make them feel uncomfortable or where they think there may be a risk of failure or embarrassment. They do not like to make mistakes and will therefore avoid being put in situations where they feel they may make them. Many adolescents with self esteem issues will show signs of perfectionism. They may get above average grades, play sports and so on, however they struggle with self-esteem issues. These individuals choose to cope with their unrealistic standards for themselves by pushing themselves to be better and better until they get burnt out. The teen or child could then miss out on school, sports, new activities, making friends, joining clubs, or a myriad of other things that are all part of leading a healthy teenage life. Low self-esteem, if left unaddressed, can lead to other, potentially more serious problems:


  • relationship troubles or difficulty interacting with other people
  • negative moods, anxiety, or depression
  • poor body image
  • earlier sexual activity
  • experimentation with alcohol and drugs

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19 S. Cameron Street, Winchester VA

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