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Suicidal Ideations & Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal ideations or suicidal thoughts are described thoughts, fantasies, ideas or images related to committing suicide. Ideation is the forming or entertaining ideas. In teens/children thoughts of suicide can range from fleeting thoughts to making a plan to end their life.



Suicidal ideation in children/teens is often related to untreated depression or drug abuse. Suicidal thoughts and need to be taken seriously, no matter how innocuous you may think of something they say, it is being said for a reason. Take it seriously.


Suicidal thoughts come from many different places –

  • Social Difficulties
  • Stress
  • Academic Pressures
  • Lack of Family Support
  • Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • Health Issues
  • Bullying


There are many warning signs that your teen/child may be experiencing, some that you may notice –

  • Expressing hopelessness
  • Symptoms of withdrawal
  • Being self-destructive
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Feeling trapped with no way out
  • Beginning to use alcohol or drugs
  • Giving away valued possessions
  • Saying things like “I wish I were dead” – “I wish I was never born”
  • Becoming extremely agitated, irritable, upset, depressed or anxious
  • Changes in sleeping or eating patterns


Warning signs are different for different people and children/teens are very likely to keep these thoughts to themselves. If you feel there is something going on with your child or teen get them help, bring them to speak to us at CPC. If they are in immediate danger, bring them to the emergency room. Don’t wait and take the thoughts seriously.


It is imperative to address untreated mental illness. If your child/teen has symptoms of depression, anxiety, or another psychiatric condition, have them talk to someone. While most people with mental health conditions do not attempt suicide, having an undiagnosed or untreated condition along with other risk factors can make suicide more likely.


Don't dismiss suicidal talk as "typical teen drama" or brush it aside. If your child/teen is making comments such as "I might as well kill myself" or "I wish I was dead," you need to listen and acknowledge their pain. Let them know that you understand that they are hurting, that you are there to offer support, and that you will help them get the help that they need.


Contact us to set up an appointment to meet with your child/teen, we can assist in helping your child/teen get the help they need. At Cameron Pediatric Counseling, we specialize in working with children and teens.



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